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Wednesday, November 30, 2016
2 years!

I know, it's been two years, but I'm currently busy finding job. Once I'm settled and everything, I might revive this blog. We'll see..

Sunday, July 20, 2014
7 Years!

I know it's been years, 7 years! but that doesn't mean I don't check my blog once in awhile. And I got a shock just now when I checked my blog and there's a notice saying that it was temporarily deactivated, or something... because my blog was inactive. Good thing I still remember my username and password, else I'll be losing years worth of memories! *sigh* Anywayz, I'm just ranting. I almost got panic attack, y'know! :P

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi's Wakatte-ita Hazu video



Saturday, November 24, 2007
Moved On

I moved on to greener pasture...

but I'll always be back here in the darkness from time to time...

At the moment, I'm still quite enjoying the brightness on the other side...


Hehe! =^_^= just check it out so you'll have idea on what I'm babbling about.

Til next time! Big Smile


Tuesday, September 11, 2007
All Apologies

"What else should I be
All apologies
What else could I say
Everyone is gay
What else could I write
I don't have the right
What else should I be
All Apologies

In the sun
In the sun I feel as one
In the sun
In the sun

I wish I was like you
Easily amused
Find my nest of salt
Everything is my fault
I'll take all the blame
Aqua seafoam shame
Sunburn with freezer burn
Choking on the ashes of her enemy

In the sun
In the sun I feel as one
In the sun
In the sun

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

All in all is all we are (x13)"


Sorry, but I'm experiencing a major writer's block, or whatever block you may call it. I'll update this blog as soon as I find inspiration, or depression - whichever comes first.


I will be putting this blog into rest for awhile. Whether I come back here or not is yet to be decided.

Thanks for dropping by still. Luvz y'all! Smile

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Sabi Ko Nga
by: MJ Christine


Nagsimula sa kras
Nauwi sa pag ibig
Puso kong dati'y nananahimik
Muling bumilis ang pintig...

Ayoko na sanang pansinin
At baka muli lang masaktan
Ngunit puso ko'y sadyang pasaway
Eto nga... nahulog na ng tuluyan...

** Sabi ko nga...
Ayoko na...
Umibig pang muli...

Sabi ko nga...
Sobra na...
Ang naranasan na sakit...

Ngunit bakit ngayon
Nandito ka
Bakit di ko mapigil?
Puso kong nananahimik
Binulabog mong muli...


Ganda na sana...
Masaya na...
Nahanap ko na ang tunay na pag ibig
Pero bakit ganon?
Hanggang don lang pala
Ang kayang ialay sakin...

Kahit totoo ang nararamdaman
Di na pwede pang ipilit
Puso mong tunay man magmahal
Ay meron ng nagmamay ari

(Repeat *)

sabi ko nga...

Copyright February 23, 2006 MJChristine Tavu

All pictures posted on this blog were captured by me! =P using my mobile phone. The only modification I've done on these pictures is the size. I have to resized it coz the original image was so large. So, the colors, brightness, etc. are all original. If you like to take or use the pictures here, please ask for my permission first. Thanks!

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