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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Family Dinner

last  Sunday - around 5.30pm, me, lhiza, jacqie, 'te jhazz & her daughter, jeimine, went to SKH to buy some groceries. actually, 'te jhazz and jacqie were the ones who bought stuff. then around dinner time, my dad called us and told us to meet them at Misato for dinner. our auntie & uncle came and invited the whole family for dinner. they will go to Australia on Friday to live there permanently with their daughter who married an australian.

we arrived at Misato around 7.30pm. we ordered Salmon Teriyaki Bento (5 orders), Ebi Tempura, Beef Tepanyaki, California Maki, Sushi: Salmon & Okinawa, etc. and drinks.

below is the one i ordered, Salmon Teriyaki Bento:


here's the other side of my meal, heh =^_^=

... display pix at Misato...

Geisha..? (i think..)

this one's blur, sorry... and i have no idea what's up with this guy =0_o=

Family Pix

left side: back to front: my mom (way back - she's hiding from the cam, heh.. =^_^=), my bro mar, me & my c0zn jacqie...
right side: back to front: dad, c0zn 'te jhazz with her daughter jeimine, uncle, my sis ana and my sis liza...

... and another one...

left side: front to back: dad, c0zn 'te jhazz with her daughter jeimine, auntie, my sis ana and my sis liza...

right side: front to back: my mom (not hiding from cam anymore, heh =^_^=), my bro mar, me & my c0zn jacqie...

there goes our weekend =) it was fun! and we're looking forward for more fun weekends next time! =^_^=

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

i just read angie's tag, asking me to post something already. yes, i guess i've been slacking on my blogging lately even though a lot has happened for the past few days.

well for starters, my cousins from Philippines came here last Aug. 09 - jhazz & jacqie; they're sisters. jhazz's daughter, jeimine, also came with them. jeimine's my god-daughter. jacqie's daughter, iya, was my god-daughter also, but she passed-away at a very young age. we miss her...

anywayz, they're here and you can just imagine how happy & excited we are to be together again after so many years. you see, they're our closest cousins. they're practically like sisters to us. our parents are like 2nd parents to them and vice-versa. we've been together since we were toddlers! and when my family & i live here in Brunei, we still managed to keep in touch - in letters, emails, chats, sms & overseas-calls... and whenever we go back to Philippines, we stayed most of the time at their house. so the past few days were spent on chatting & joking until wee hours, showing them around, etc.

as of now, they're here under visit pass, but we are hoping that they could find stable jobs here so that they can stay with us for a long time...

More updates next time!

Friday, August 24, 2007
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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Sunsets Pix

more pics here

Monday, August 06, 2007

i feel a bit dizzy from lack of sleep again... i read Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows up until 3.20am this morning. i got so engrossed with it that i forgot the time. after i finished my ironing last nite, i go straight reading it. actually, i wasn't sleepy yet & wanted to finish the book, but then i remembered that i'm morning shift today & have to wake up at 6.30am. reluctantly, i put the book aside & willed myself to sleep.

last time, i stayed til 2.30am reading HP book. i still haven't finished the book yet. i would have finished the book in couple of days, i guess.. but i got other things that i liked to do as well when i'm not at work, like: going out with family & friends, watching animes (i'm currently into Fushigi Yuugi anime) and yeah, the important stuff: my chores.

tonite maybe i can finish the book, only a few chapters left to read anyway.. but first i'll continue the Fushigi Yuugi Oni episodes i watched last wednesday, if i can finish it before all appliances' automatically close at 10.30pm (remember we have timer on our appliances?..), then i'll continue to Eikoden episodes. if not, then the Eikoden episodes will just have to wait.

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Ganda na sana...
Masaya na...
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Pero bakit ganon?
Hanggang don lang pala
Ang kayang ialay sakin...

Kahit totoo ang nararamdaman
Di na pwede pang ipilit
Puso mong tunay man magmahal
Ay meron ng nagmamay ari

(Repeat *)

sabi ko nga...

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