nice..... » nice,...
dhian » nice site ,,visit me yooo
mjchristine » miss my blog.. i might update this soon.
mahendra » salam kenal, apa kabarnya... happy good day halllo, haaaaiiiii...!
chari » blog hopping.. care to xlink?
xjephx » belated happy valentines
angel » hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! musta na!!!!!!!!! Ano gwa mo
xjephx » xjephx was here... hit me back
norman » merry chrismas sis Kirz.. ngatngat ka lagi dyan.. god bless
xjephx » hi!! happy holidays!! hit me back!! tc
mjchristine » salamat uli sa pagdaan at pagbisita @ jervin, jeph, kemi & WWG
kemi » bisita mode. ganda ng mga post.
xjephx » i will leave mark here!! hahaha
xjephx » hello. how is you na!! tc lage
jervin » kumusta na ate?
WWG » Hi from quebec Canada
mjchristine » hi dummer, i will thanks sorry, can't update my blog at the moment so i'll leave this for awhile. i'll be back! someday...
Angeline » Hi dum dum... take good care of urself ya.... hw could u nvr update ur blog liaw... u r not like me no internet connection so no excuses :-p
mjchristine » hi, good evening to u too ilocano blogger. tnx for droppin' by
the iLocano blogger » good evening po
mjchristine » hi angie.. the doctor didn't say anything. after i told him abt my headaches and low bp, he just prescribed pain relievers - 2 types of pain relievers...
Angeline » So wat did the doctor said abt u when u went for consultation on sat... hope everything is ok now... take good care of urself...
Angeline » Wat is dis? how come u never update ur blog liaw u went out on sunday right... tell us wat u do lah
mjchristine » hi Fernando! thanks for droppin' by! glad u like my blog
Fernando Olmos G.- » heeeeeeeeeeeeey I loved you blog... very well improved.... well-resources... nice to see it. Fernando from santiago de chile, chile. c'u
mjchristine » hahaha! dummer! it's okei! i still got post anywayz.. only it's not writing, it's pix! i'm lazy to write! sorreeee! i'll juz post pix at d moment
Angeline » Write more dum dum... not just pic onli payback time...
mjchristine » hello jervin okz lng ako, tnx! salamat sa pgbisita d2!
jervin » kumusta na ?
mjchristine » kuya? kaw b yan? okz lng po meh, u? long time no chat! ingatz u lgi! @ kickz
mjchristine » shiki tnx! it can either be snow or stars, i both like them anyway, tc!
mjchristine » hello, linked u na din jervin
kickz » hi sis kirz.. musta na ?
jervin » hello
shiki » hi! nice blog....i like the falling star effect...or is that snow? still pretty cool anyway! xD
jervin » just linked you..
mjchristine » salamat sa pgdaan aldrin! daan u ulit!
mjchristine » sure jervin! tag me once u linked me ayt!
aldrinbot » ui sbi ko na eh
aldrinbot » pa daan lng po
jervin » hey nice blog.. xlink po tayu? hitmeback
mjchristine » then they will provide the html codes, na pwd mo ilgay sa site or blog mo. getch?
mjchristine » np bro magregister ka sa tpos pwede k mg upload ng mga songs don or frm ur PC, then gwa k playlist.
aldrinbot » panu gumwa ng player?
aldrinbot » tnx po ate
mjchristine » readers: check out g's link if u're interested, i'm sure he dropped by here just to share that.
mjchristine » hey din g...
mjchristine » okz! link u na din aldrin
aldrinbot » na link ko n po..hehe XD
g » hey...
aldrinbot » hi xchange link tau
mjchristine » nalink na kita jeph hi harlequin! tnx for droppin' by!
harLequin » blog hop :]
xjephx » hey there.. sure linkx tau.. hehe na link na po kita.. hit me back pag na link mu na din aku..
xjephx » linkx
mjchristine » hekhek tnx dummer! mwakz!
Angeline » no worries... i will be very patient to wait for ur entries, dum dum....
mjchristine » hehehe! luvz yah angie! patience is a virtue
Angeline » u ha always makes ppl feeling like hanging there to continue reading ur entries....
mjchristine » hi, tnx for droppin' by! cge po, exchange link tau =^_^=
Karlo.PinoyBlogero » Hi! I'm just looking around! Nice blog! Exchange links? ^_^
mjchristine » hi! tnx fiona! do drop by again ayt! tc!
babyfiona » Hi! Nice Blog!
mjchristine » np jc! tnx din sa pgdaan
JC » tnx mj!
mjchristine » ahaha! maky!!! don't be too harsh. it could be a kid who did the damage, hekhek! tnx sa pg-tag! daan ka ulit d2 ah!
Maky » what shud i say? I just wish for that son of a bitch hu scratched ur car to get ran over by a ten wheeler truck...whoover dat was a disgrace to human.....hehehe
mjchristine » hi kuya, tnx po sa pagdaan. ingatz ka din po lgi!
norms » elo sis kirz.. daan lang muna dami work ei.. ingats lagi
mjchristine » hi nonnie! no prob! i always enjoy ur entries & i've been reading ur blog for quite awhile now. i'm just not good in commenting, heh.. =^_^=
Nonnie » Hi! I was pretty surprised to see you linking me up. Thanks a lot
mjchristine » hi hitori! tnx! i still have lots of sunset pix in my photo blog (see the link above) if u'd like to see more take care!
Hitori » aah kaya pala. I don't see that kind of sunset here in Manila. Yes, very nice!
mjchristine » testing...
anonymous »
mjchristine » hi hitori! tnx sa pgdaan. the sunset was taken from our house (here in Brunei) - that's the view from our balcony. nice isn't it?
Hitori » Nakidaan. I like your template. Staarss (drool drool) That sunset picture...may I ask where that was taken?? Purdeee...
mjchristine » tnx so much for the greetings kuya! *hugz*
norms.. » hapi bday to u, hapi bday to u, hapi bday hapi bdayyyyy, hapi bday mary june
eloiski » tagzkI1 nakikiraan lng PO! at nakikibasa!
mjchristine » wah! kuya! tnx po sa adv. greeting! hehehe!!! unga! lapit na! ttnda na naman ako! yikes!
norms.. » happy birthday mary june lapit na.. 6 na tulog nalang
mjchristine » oisst kuya! okz lng po me. u musta n po? ingatz din po u lgi!
norms.. » oisst sis mary june musta na.. ngatngat lagi...
mjchristine » okz angie! tnx! mwaaahh!!!
mjchristine » hi pb! tnx sa pagdaan uli! ingatz din u!
plumbum » elo po! daan po muli! ingatz!
mjchristine » tnx s pgdaan uli antonette! TGC!
antonette » napadaan!!! god bless!
mjchristine » no problemo chris!
chris » salamat din sa pagdaan.
mjchristine » salamat sa pgdaan antonette & jessica! balik kau uli!
jessica » bloghop!
antonette » dumadaan.. first time ko dito aaahh..
mjchristine » hi chris, tnx sa pagdaan! balik u uli!
chris » napadaan at nakibasa... nice blog.
mjchirstine » okei dummer.. *sniff*
Angeline » dum dum dont sniff there... everything will be back to normal soon... n u must be as cheerful n dum dum as before k
Angeline » Yeah 2 all sabikonga reader... dum n dummer r d nick tat we gave each other during college time n there is another 1 tat ppl gave us tom n jerry n we will start 2 fight who is more into tom or jerry